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Are Digital LED Billboards Profitable?

date25 August , 2021

Are Digital LED Billboards Profitable?

Advertising with a Digital LED Mobile Billboard Truck is a highly effective and affordable way to  publicize an event or promote your brand. Studies show that a mobile digital billboard has more impact than online or traditional outdoor advertising. Get your marketing campaign rolling with a Digital LED Mobile Billboard Advertising Truck.

  1. Target Audience

The battle for consumer attention is especially fierce in what advertisers call the Out-of-Home media market. People get much of their information while on the road or at outdoor events. Traditional roadside billboard ads only work if the right person happens to catch a glance while speeding by. A mobile billboard delivers your outdoor message when and where you want it.

  1. Attention

Our versatile digital LED trucks can deliver an eye-catching customized message to a targeted audience. Research shows that moving ads are more effective than stationary ads. An attention-grabbing display on dazzling 12-foot, high-definition LED screens is hard to miss.

  1. Location

Mobile digital billboards can show your ad before huge crowds with bright, crisp LED displays on 12-foot screens. You can leverage the turnout at any large gathering such as a sporting event, county fair, job expo or tourist attraction.

  1. Quick Turn Around

Rotate messages, imaging, video and sound quickly and easily. No need for lead times as with printed billboards and banner displays. Hold attention and increase impact with fresh messaging.

  1. Sense of Urgency

Need to get an important message out in a hurry? Let people know crucial information in a timely manner. The best way to get directions, updates, bulletins and more with easy-to-read text on bright, clear, 12-foot screens.

  1. Competition

Get an edge over the competition by driving your message with a unique, attention-getting mobile billboard display. Hi-definition LED screens have much more impact than traditional print media.

  1. Brand Building

Make your brand stand out with a mobile digital advertising marketing campaign. Why spend money on low impact internet ads? Click-through-rates for online ads are very low and getting worse. But ad-blockers don’t work on a 12-foot digital billboard. In fact, conversion rates are very high for digital advertising trucks.

  1. Real Time Auditing

With GPS monitoring, mobile digital billboards provide advertisers with specific information detailing exactly when and where your ads are displayed. You can have complete confidence that your message is being at the times and places of your choosing.

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