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Ready to Use the Latest Advanced Technology to Promote your Corporate Event?

Get the buzz started about your big corporate event with the latest in mobile digital advertising. Our billboard vehicles deliver the message right to your target audience using advanced LED technology. Lively electronic billboard displays grab attention and hold the interest of those you want to impact. A dazzling presentation and a winning promotion for a new product or event. We deliver SUCCESS!

Warm up the crowd for the big event at your next gathering. Make sure your message is getting maximum exposure with a wider audience. You’ll reach more people faster and make a bigger impression with our portable electronic billboards. If you’re looking to get the word out in a big way and make sure you stand out from the competition, our mobile LED display advertising trucks give you the cutting edge.

Digital Billboard truck at your corporate event.

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DAT Media FL was established for the purpose of providing affordable and effective advertising for businesses of all sizes and budgets. We are a company that focuses not only on customer service, but is also driven by proven results.

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Drive your message with a digital advertising truck that delivers!

If you’re standing still in this market, the competition will pass you by. Everyone’s on the move and the best way to reach people is with mobile billboards. Get your promotion machine in gear with our cutting edge LED electronic mobile digital advertising trucks. We put advertising in motion and deliver your message to the right people wherever they are.

The Latest Technology, Laser Focused

Old-fashioned signs and banners don’t cut it any more. To stand out and get your message across, you need the latest attention-getting technology. Mobile digital advertising delivers dazzling LED displays using high definition electronics to make sharp, lasting impressions. These versatile platforms are designed to put eye-catching images in front of the people who need to see them. Publicize recurring events or special promotions, or make announcements. Energize your message and turn on the current with a spectacular display on our digital advertising truck. We deliver!

Hype up Your Event with Digital Advertising Trucks

Earlier, trucks used to have common posters and billboards like any other billboard. But with the advancement of technology, today we have the digital version of mobile billboards. Your regular corporate event can be broadcast as the biggest event of the year with the help of our Led equipped digital trucks.

From a small event to a big launch, everything can be well promoted as it’s highly flexible and affordable.

With high-definition 3 sides Led mobile trucks, your message is delivered clearly to the maximum audience.

Also, corporate events are usually for a short period and need to be promoted efficiently to gain desired results. Thus, the best strategy that works for almost every business event is digital marketing trucks, as these trucks directly connect with your targeted audience in your specified location.

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Perfect for ad campaigns, business advertising, large special events or occasions.

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