Advertising Campaigns

Our Advertising Campaign

DAT Media FL has run many national and multinational campaigns for the various brands in the city. Advertising campaigns play a major role when it comes to marketing and creating brand value. No matter if you are running a campaign for any service or a product DAT Media FL believes in providing affordable and effective advertising for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Your targeted audience from your target location is no more a myth. Now you can visualize your dream marketing strategies and attract your targeted clients.

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Advertising Campaign planning


Planning is everything when it comes to marketing. As a well respected and well-established advertising company, we believe in delivering the best services in our industry. DAT Media FL focuses not only on customer service but also believes in maintaining long-term relationships which require long term and precise business strategies, proper planning that includes conversions, dynamic marketing, engaged audience, and more. We are here to fulfill all your marketing LED digital billboard truck needs!

Ads Designing

Running a creative and engaged advertising campaign is not an easy task. Let DAT MEDIA FL develop a creative design and advertising content, and you will have a dynamic support system that will manage each and every task for your company. With jaw-dropping packages, we are here to assist you to create a marvelous ad campaign.

Ads Designing
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It may sound like fancy marketing but all the display and branding requires lots of effort, strategies, and tactics. Your digital advertising campaign needs proper preparation that includes design, colors, creatives, jingle, and much more. The digital advertising campaign will be displayed on an excessively approachable media truck with all the led side screens 11'x6', rear display screens 7'x7' of the truck at the same time. With the ability to display fixed or rotating images, playing a recorded video, or displaying live television content. DAT Media FL is a one-stop solution for all billboard marketing.