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Our mission at DAT Media Florida is to provide affordable and effective advertising for business of all sizes and budgets. We are a company driven by proven results and outstanding customer service. Our LED advertising trucks target your demographic displaying your customized message on three jumbo, high-definition screens that are brilliant in the daytime and dazzling at night, with state-of-the-art audio when appropriate

Your digital advertising campaign is displayed on all three LED sides (sides screens 12' x 6', rear display screens 7’ x 7’) of the truck at the same time. We have the ability to display fixed or rotating images, play a recorded video, stream a live video feed of your event, display live television content, and even play interactive gaming systems. Our Digital Advertising Trucks are equipped with professional stand-alone surround stereo sound systems to accompany the messaging being broadcast from the LED screens.

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DAT Media FL was established to pride affordable and effective advertising for businesses of all sizes and budgets. We are committed to customer service and proven results.

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Why DAT Media FL

Digital Advertisig LED Truck


Statistics show that Mobile Billboards are four times more effective than static advertising. Name Recognition is 15 times greater with Mobile LED Advertising than any other form of advertising.


Our digital mobile billboard truck allows us to target your specific location and audience by traveling to your unique demographic area or coming to your desired customers. Since your audience is specifically targeted, our led advertising truck becomes a cost effective and unique way to leave a long lasting impression on your customers.


Maximize your top-of-funnel efforts by leveraging budget-friendly OOH (Out-of-Home) ad campaigns for the most efficient CPM (Cost Per Mile). Enhance attribution (identifying who was exposed to OOH advertising and what actions they took as a result) by using Mobile Device Retargeting to remessage those who have seen your message on our LED Billboard Truck.


Our Digital advertising Trucks instantly engage with your customers. Whether it’s a grand opening, dealership sales, promotion or even a live concert, our advertising trucks can deliver a “in your face” campaign to your customers. DAT's Orlando LED Billboard Truck engaged marketing outperforms the cost per impression of any other advertising medium.



Our Mobile Digital Trucks are the most dynamic form of advertising. With very short notice, we can deliver your digital advertising truck campaign to your targeted consumer anywhere, at any time, any place. We have the ability to deliver and change your campaign to different locations allowing us to target several areas in a very short period of time.



Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking, giving you the ability to track your led mobile digital advertising truck campaign. With this feature, you can easily monitor the designated routes you choose. The GPS report will provide you with the precise location of your campaigns at all times.

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DAT Media FL was established for the purpose of providing affordable and effective advertising for businesses of all sizes and budgets. We are a company that focuses not only on customer service, but is also driven by proven results.

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Up your marketing game with DAT (DIGITAL ADVERTISING TRUCK) Media. Reach your target audience with our professional advertising services. We are dedicated to your success.

The Best Choice

Our versatile and pocket-friendly mobile advertising is all you need to promote your business or product anywhere, anytime.

Targeted Audience

Our digital mobile billboard truck empowers you to choose your specific location, taking the message right to the target audience.

GPS Tracking

Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking that lets you monitor the progress of your LED mobile digital messaging campaign.

Powerful Marketing Tactics

With a highly dedicated and professional team, we are here to deliver the best marketing campaign to your preferred locations.

Attention Grabbing Power

Our engaging and attractive billboards instantly connect with your target audience.