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Outdoor Events Promotion in Orlando

A digital mobile billboard truck is a great way to break through for vendors who work outdoor events like festivals and county fairs. Our mobile billboard advertising solutions, such as mobile LED billboards, are versatile, high-visibility displays with vivid imagery and powerful audio to help you stand out in a crowd.

A mobile LED billboard with 3 large screens totaling more than 215 square feet of vibrant digital display is impossible to miss!

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DAT Media FL was established for the purpose of providing affordable and effective advertising for businesses of all sizes and budgets. We are a company that focuses not only on customer service, but is also driven by proven results.

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Right Placement of Your Ad

These days, outdoor events are drawing bigger crowds. If your business depends on connecting with customers at open-air gatherings, you’ll need an edge to get their attention. Truck advertising with a mobile billboard provides a powerful platform, so your message stands out in the great outdoors. Boat shows, commercial fishing expos, bicycle festivals, and the like are great places to advertise with mobile billboard advertising using a digital billboard truck.


Advertising Disruptor

“Disruptor” is the latest business buzzword. It means to shake things up through innovation, and digital advertising trucks are the disruptors of the marketing world. People just don’t expect to see a dazzling digital billboard cruising among the outdoor attractions. With a delivery like that on 12-foot screens, your message makes a lasting impact. Put your ideas into action and your messaging campaign into motion with a mobile digital billboard. Mobile digital advertising delivers!

The Next Level in Outdoor Advertising In Florida

Mobile outdoor advertising trucks transform traditional outdoor billboard advertising into modern mobile messaging wonders. HDTV screens with the latest LED technology dazzle audiences in bright sunshine during the day and light up the night with your messaging. Digital advertising trucks make your outdoor messaging the most captivating part of the scenery.


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Our Mobile Billboard Digital Led Trucks are available for exclusive rental by the hour (4 hours minimum),per day, or weekly. We will use your advertising campaign using the slides or video provided by you or we can create your advertising campaign for an additional charge.