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Live Concert

A successful live performance starts with a skillfully executed promotional campaign that builds anticipation and excitement. Part of the process of filling the house is orchestrating the buzz that drives ticket sales. A stream of carefully timed announcements about limited seating or performance dates can pack the venue by creating FOMO (fear of missing out) on the big event. A digital advertising truck with stereo surround sound can entice concert goers with video and music clips.

Reach to Larger Audience

A digital advertising truck can really boost the chances for a sell-out performance. Traditional online marketing campaigns can have a limited reach. To cover all the fan bases, use mobile billboard advertising. You can build anticipation and whet the musical appetites by giving potential concertgoers samples of the coming attraction. DAT’s mobile 12-foot screens and high-resolution stereo surround sound deliver snippets of the gig to fans on the street and outside popular nightlife venues.

Inform your Audience

A mobile billboard can be an integral part of the roadshow. It can be like an interactive tour bus to generate interest with information about the performance or artists. The LED screens can display ticket information, tour dates, premium offerings, and other useful information. Fans can enjoy hot tracks played on hi-res stereo surround sound. A digital advertising truck can be an added attraction to bring in fans for shows, festivals, and other events.

Open Air Play

Sound travels farther with a digital advertising truck using professional quality hi-res stereo. At an outdoor venue, you can dominate the airwaves by streaming the tunes along with video of the action on stage. Attract the crowds and invite passers-by to experience the performance first hand. Entertain, inform, promote, and gain more followers with exciting imagery and the surround sound stereo experience you get with a digital advertising truck.

Stadium Events

Score big sales and achieve your marketing goals with a mobile digital billboard grabbing the attention of fans crowding in for the big game. Turn potential buyers into loyal customers by letting them know you support the home team. A mobile billboard with 12-foot screens and a hi-res sound system gets maximum exposure. Get the home-field advantage with a digital advertising truck.

High Tech LED and Sound System

Run up the score with maximum exposure at the next big sporting event! A dazzling LED display captures the crowd’s attention and delivers your message!

Engage the overflow crowds at big events with brilliant 12-foot LED screens, complete with professional hi-res stereo sound. Central Florida’s best digital advertising trucks stream the action to those outside when the stadium’s full. Loyal fans can still watch the live action and listen to the play-by-play. No one misses out with live mobile digital billboards covering the event.

High Quality Service

Want to host an event where your group can watch a World Series game or the Superbowl? Know soccer fans who’d like to get together to enjoy the World Cup? A digital advertising truck is the ideal way for an outdoor gathering to watch the big game. Twelve-foot LED display screens deliver crisp, vibrant video with professional, hi-res audio to make streaming the game the next best thing to being there. We can set up a custom, affordable viewing experience for groups of all sizes. Digital advertising trucks can deliver live-streaming sporting events almost anywhere.

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DAT media mobile billboard trucks have the added advantage of being dedicated advertising vehicles. Your message will be displayed directly to your intended ideal crowd resulting in a more effective advertising campaign.


Our Mobile Billboard Digital Led Trucks are available for exclusive rental by the hour (4 hours minimum),per day, or weekly. We will use your advertising campaign using the slides or video provided by you or we can create your advertising campaign for an additional charge.


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