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Losing a loved one is challenging, but a funeral can be transformed into a vibrant Celebration of Life with mobile digital signage. A mobile digital billboard truck allows you to share cherished memories through an unlimited number of videos and pictures on a captivating, larger-than-life display. Our billboard truck will present these visual memories with full surround sound, creating a fitting tribute that unforgettably honors an exceptional life.

At DAT MEDIA, we offer a range of flexible options to suit your needs and budget. We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive prices in the industry, without compromising on screen quality, sound, or service.

Our state-of-the-art mobile digital signage will showcase these vivid memories complemented by immersive surround sound, ensuring a dignified homage. This innovative method allows you to deliver a remarkable tribute to celebrate a remarkable individual with our digital ad truck.

Budget Friendly Service

DAT MEDIA can provide various adaptable billboard truck solutions tailored to your preferences and financial plan. We are committed to providing the best value in the market, maintaining excellence in screen resolution, audio fidelity, and customer service, and ensuring your billboard truck needs are met with the highest standards.

When someone close to us dies, it’s common to worry about the financial burden that comes with organizing funeral services and events to celebrate their life. The unexpected passing of a friend or relative can leave us reeling, and it usually falls on the family to arrange a sincere celebration of life that respects and commemorates the person who has passed.

Feeling anxious about the monetary implications at such a challenging time is entirely understandable. And at DAT Media, we will work with you to provide a poignant yet affordable billboard truck experience.

Budget Friendly Service

Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising is the most effective and most efficient form of advertising on a budget. We have flexible options to meet your budget, schedule, and goals.

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DAT Media FL was established for the purpose of providing affordable and effective advertising for businesses of all sizes and budgets. We are a company that focuses not only on customer service, but is also driven by proven results.

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Our digital advertising truck can display a big-screen tribute to the life and times of a loved one who has passed. You can share the pictures, videos, and songs marking those special moments that make up a lifetime. Friends and family can share in a celebration of a life remembered with vibrant, high-definition visuals and clear, quality surround-sound music. Honor the life of an exceptional person with an extraordinary memorial. A digital advertising truck can provide an extra dimension of comforting imagery and song that can assuage the experience of shared grieving at a time of loss.

A Dignified, Professional Approach

We produce professional tributes to highlight the endearing qualities of a loved one who has passed. The emotional bonds of friends and family are honored with a thoughtful display of memories, reflections, and testimonials. Tributes are delivered in a rich context of treasured photographs, videos, and music. Mourners can share fond memories in an atmosphere of love and respect. Loss of a loved one is hard, but grieving can be made less difficult with a warm and sensitive presentation of shared memories on a digital advertising truck.

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DAT media mobile billboard trucks have the added advantage of being dedicated advertising vehicles. Your message will be displayed directly to your intended ideal crowd resulting in a more effective advertising campaign.


Our Mobile Billboard Digital Led Trucks are available for exclusive rental by the hour (4 hours minimum),per day, or weekly. We will use your advertising campaign using the slides or video provided by you or we can create your advertising campaign for an additional charge.


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