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Maximize Brand Exposure: Thousands of Views With Our Mobile Billboard Trucks

DAT Media is Jacksonville’s choice for Mobile Billboard Digital Led Truck Advertising. We provide highly effective, state-of-the-art marketing solutions for the digital advertising age. Our mobile electronic billboards feature the highest definition LED screens with a powerful impact to boost your brand.

Our Jacksonville mobile billboard advertising trucks display your message with dazzling visibility, day or night, rain or shine. Whether parked outside your venue or cruising the roadway, we deliver your message right to your target audience.

DAT Media Delivers

The best way to grab attention and promote your brand, sell your product, or get the message across in political campaigns. Mobile Digital LED Billboard advertising is next-generation advertising, an innovative and powerful call-to-action that delivers customers for business and crowds for events. Get the buzz going across Jacksonville for your next gig with DAT.

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Mobile LED Billboard Trucks

Powerful, Efficient, and Affordable Audience Engagement

Energize your marketing campaign with a highly effective, budget-friendly marketing campaign tailored to your business and target audience. We place your message right in front of your audience with 3 jumbo digital display screens. The audience can’t turn it off, change the channel, or swipe to the next screen. The eyes have it, like it or not, until your message sinks in.

Advertising to Meet the Challenge of the Fastest Growing Media Market in the Country.

Jacksonville is a big city, getting bigger every day. Competition for attention is fierce, but you’ll get ahead with DAT Mobile LED Billboard advertising trucks delivering your message. DAT’s totally customizable displays and tailored audience targeting make a lasting impression. With a variety of formats including videos and slide presentations including full surround sound audio, you get thousands and thousands of viewers. DAT Advertising delivers for Jacksonville.

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DAT media mobile billboard trucks have the added advantage of being dedicated advertising vehicles. Your message will be displayed directly to your intended ideal crowd resulting in a more effective advertising campaign.