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Expose your brand to thousands with our mobile billboard trucks.

Dat Media is Miami’s choice for Mobile Billboard Digital Led Advertising Truck. Our mobile billboard trucks are the best Marketing solutions for the digital age of billboard advertising, featuring the highest definition of led screens and delivering powerful messages & brand recognition.

Our Miami mobile Billboard advertising trucks can display your advertising or message in our bright digital display day or night, regardless of rain or shine, parked or traveling a route and anywhere to best suit your targeted audience.

Dat Media’s 3-sided led mobile billboard advertising trucks are everything you need to get the attention of your audience and to promote your brand, product, business or political campaigns. It’s the most innovative and unique choice for mobile digital-led billboard advertising method for promoting your business, special events, grand openings, movie nights, brand identity, and much more all over Miami.

Mobile billboard trucks are

effective and deliver results

Engage with your audience

Take your marketing to new heights with our affordable, and targeted audience suitable for any type of business digital marketing. With our mobile billboard trucks, we get in front of your audience in a manner that cannot be ignored. You can shut off the tv or the radio, but you can’t ignore a bright digital mobile billboard that is right in front of your eyes. The possibilities are endless.

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Miami is among the fastest growing city in the country and your mobile digital truck marketing shouldn’t be any different.

Big cities require big marketing ideas. Surpass your Miami billboard competition with our mobile billboard advertising trucks delivering your messages in several formats including slides, videos, presentations, as well as full surround sound audio. With our large mobile billboard truck screens, you can make any message a reality to thousands of viewers every minute of your marketing campaign route.

Results Oriented Marketing

Studies show that Mobile billboard truck campaigns convert viewers into leads and recognition. We provide direct proven results in Miami to deliver your advertising billboard message in more than former ordinary ways.

Miami, Time
to grow together

DAT Media mobile billboard truck advertising in Miami can help you grow your marketing to reach your goals. Our proven strategies work and can help you grow your campaign to achieve positive results. Our strategic and targeted audience billboard marketing is suitable for all types of budget. From 4 hour rentals to three months rentals, our led mobile billboards trucks can adapt to any size campaign budget. Our goal is to deliver strategic and surprising results with the most cost effective marketing in the mobile billboard truck Industry.

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It's time to lift up your marketing game with DAT (DIGITAL ADVERTISING TRUCK) Media. Traditional outdoor marketing is never out of fashion, grab your desired audience with our pro services crafted with dedication specifically for you.