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Master your brand identity with Florida’s Largest Mobile LED Truck in Central Florida! DAT (Digital Advertising Truck) Media is Florida’s creative solution to modern advertising challenges. Mobile LED trucks are the new-age solution to spread the word of your brand directly to your audience, featuring the best high-definition LED technology, delivering ideas, spreading messages, and boosting sales! DAT is the preferred source for the latest, most efficient messaging medium.

We deliver a powerhouse of digital advertising solutions with trucks that display crisp and creative advertising WITH audio that makes a long-lasting impression. Our trucks target your audience day or night, rain or shine, parked or on the move, anywhere, anytime!

Take Advertising to the Next Level

Reach the Greater Heights

Lift your business to new heights with affordable, targeted media for all business sizes. With our Digital Advertising Truck, you maximize your advertising investment to reach your target audience in Central Florida and beyond!

Get more than expected

Get the results you want faster by reaching your desired audience with an eye-catching display of a high-impact message. Allow us to bring your ideas to life and grow to become a market leader faster than you imagined.

Get out-of-the-screen Ideas

We craft marketing ideas that work to convert leads into sales. We are the Digital Advertising company that creates winning strategies for your business!

Digital advertising solutions that drive more Conversions 

DAT Media in Florida provides Digital Advertising that works for you! Our affordable and effective mobile digital marketing service is ideal for businesses of any size or budget. We are focused on getting your customer’s attention.

Our jumbo-sized, high-definition LED advertising truck is designed to get attention and make an impact. It is the best choice for mobile advertising! Perfect for promoting your business, special events, grand openings, movie nights, brand identity, and much more all across Central Florida!

5 win-win benefits of Moving LED billboard?

5 win-win benefits of Moving LED billboard?

Attract Your Audience with a Moving LED Billboard

Advertising is all about engaging, impressing, and inspiring consumers. A Digital Advertising Truck is the most powerful way to reach out to a wide audience and sell any message using eye-catching graphics and content that engages users.

The experts at DAT Media deliver the most effective method for putting your message in front of the people who need to see it. Dynamic moving billboard advertising goes above and beyond, getting your message to the intended target.

Mobile Digital Billboards are the Best Investment for Your Advertising Dollar

LED Mobile Advertising is Budget Friendly. With our Digital Billboards, you have an opportunity to maximize the advertisement coverage while delivering your message to the right audience at a low cost.

Easy Customization

Outdoor moving LED billboards allow you to customize signage

allowing you to experiment with the size, colours, and content Dazzling displays also feature high-quality speakers that deliver engaging experiences.

Guaranteed Attention Getter

Moving LED billboards are a powerful visual attraction for any outdoor audience, whether people are walking, sitting, or standing in line. They’re the best way to encourage potential customers to initiate the call-to-action and the most effective outdoor advertising for high-traffic areas.

Longer Lasting Impressions

Unlike other forms of advertising—newspapers, pamphlets, or flyers—mobile LED billboards are meant to attract attention for a longer time. They can’t be thrown away, switched off, or skimmed over..

High Visibility

Mobile LED Displays are proven to be the most effective advertising medium. Brilliant 10-foot-high displays give you an edge in the competition for consumer attention.

How do I advertise my cinema(1)

How do I advertise my cinema?

You know you have already made your big mark by creating a unique movie. It’s really not easy to make it possible as there are a lot of struggles and hard work behind completing a story in just a film.

Making sure that it should get to the curtains at the right time and in front of the right audience, your marketing strategy should be as strong as your movie. In order to help you out, here is a way to mark your advertising strategy.


Convince: Why your movie?

The initial step is to think about why people should watch your movie. Convincing people nowadays is the initial stage that opens the doors to the plan out the campaign. You need to promote your movie to these people as much as possible ahead of the release date.


Trailer, teaser, or something new…

There was a time when there was a trend of only trailers before the grand release of a movie. But there are different ways to create the buzz, be it an announcement, cast intro, or anything new that stands out.


Social media, a low-investing platform

In the era of social media, and with the options of reels, one can make enormous success to reach an unbelievable audience without even paying for outdoor promotions and other offline expenses. Think about it!


Let people talk about you

You know a little chick can create the hype. Plan out some interesting talk show or anything interesting that grabs the audience’s attention and let them talk about them. Good or bad, ultimately it will make you the talk of the town.


Just be ready for the worst.


Sounds convincing? We provide convincing strategies as well to make you the talk of the town. Contact now DAT Media FL to promote your movie on the BIG screen. DAT Media FL is the best Orlando Advertising Agencies according to a google search.

How To Promote a Career Fair with Digital Billboard?

How To Promote a Career Fair with Digital Billboard?


Oh now you are all set to host a career fair, venture checked and other preps are on the way to be finished. Wondering how to grab the audience to attend it? No worries, we’ve got your back.


You must be wondering or expecting some interesting or new ways of promoting. But believe us nothing is unique or new. The presentation makes it different. Believe it or not, digital LED billboard advertising might sound traditional or old but it is still the best way to grab your expected audience.


Get Real-Time Outreach Digital LED Billboard

Billboards hold the big opportunity to showcase your event information. You can run a classy campaign by real-time updating the designs. It increases the possibility of engaging a high no. of audience.


Touch the sensitivity

The aspirants who are strongly looking for guidance to move ahead has the sensitive point for the topic. You can create that sense and engage the large no. of students with its visibility area and there you go.


Digital Billboards Convey A Sense Of Urgency

In case you’ve planned the career fair at the last moment or in case, no other marketing trick is providing you the desired results, don’t worry, billboard marketing has got your back. It engages with the audience on a large scale.


Make It A Creative Space

Billboard is the dream area where one can create the best of the best creative campaign. This is the era where creativity speaks more than 1000 words, so make it an opportunistic space for creativity.


Bonus: Have a creative marketing person who can create some interesting campaigns for your career and fair and make it a masterpiece to welcome your desired audience.


Let us take this charge and provide you with the best creative campaign to reach your desired goals. Contact Us Now!

Promote your grand opening on a digital advertising truck

5 Impressive Grand Opening Ideas For Restaurant That Will Bring A Crowd

It's time to present your perfect menu, show off the unique interior and create the grand opening experience you’ve dreamed of.

In order to take this charge, we’ve lined up some impressive ideas to bring in the crowds.

Read on…

Let the Influencers make some noise

Influencer marketing is one of the strongest ways of creating buzz for your up and coming restaurant. With the large following they can bring with them, you have the chance to make an impression on many more people at once. If you are running on a light or  limited budget, invite the food bloggers and food critics, they are a great way to bring reviews and have a greater impact on the audience.

Giveaways and Vouchers

No matter what generation you are targeting, the joy of giveaways and vouchers never fades away. By planning a unique contest, you have a powerful way to draw in a new crowd and generate a loyal customer base

Lighten up the ambiance

Plan LIVE shows with music, group band, dance performances, singer influencer, and more. This results in elevating the ambiance to the next level and making the audience dance on their feet. It’s the move that can liven any night and make the audience want to come back for more.

Have A Special Menu

Plan a special menu that's exclusive to your theme with consistent days to generate return clients. The extra flair of exclusivity from your dishes is enough to keep them coming back!

Have A Grand Opening White LIst

Build up anticipation for your grand opening by allowing your guests to make reservations in advance to secure a spot in your place the moment it opens. Create a first impression that lasts a lifetime!

If you really want to make a lasting impression on your first day, it’s important to plan in advance. Keep in mind that it’s not all about getting people to your restaurant – you also have to ensure everyone has a great time once they’re there. Need help executing and planning out your unique grand opening, let’s talk.

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6 Best Product Launch Promotion Ideas

6 Best Product Launch Promotion Ideas

Imagine coming up with a stellar product, and you have no launch promotion inputs to market it. It sounds daunting, right? Yes, Indeed. Coming up with a new product takes so much of you. However, it is not the end of the road. There is more to it!

Find some post-creation launch and promotion ideas below to market your product and put it across on display. Without further ado, let’s get started.

6 Ways to Market Your Product

While there are ample great marketing tactics out there, here are six picks to help you get started and make your new product/service shine through!


Let the old clients know that you value them by inviting them for exclusive pre-launch events. Conduct detailed previews and communicate the benefits of your product. Thank them personally for staying connected with the brand. This will motivate them to remain further loyal to the brand.

Introductory Offers

One of the most sought-after ways to promote a newly launched product is to stick introductory offers to its name. Make it appear like a never-before offer that won’t ever happen again, so the customers give it the deserved attention.

Google My Business Promotions

Create an account on Google My Business and post via the “What’s new” section. Google business is the perfect platform to gain traction. Nevertheless, the only drawback is that posts get deleted every seven days, so you might have to repost weekly!

Media Trucks and Billboards

Why not? Go all out there, try and make the most of every bit. Media trucks and billboards are the perfect means to promote your products. There are professional service providers you can approach. DAT Media, for instance, are best in business for advertisement purposes. Furthermore, their services are affordable and promising!

Email Marketing

Old is gold, and email marketing is proof. Email Marketing is the best way to drop by in individual inboxes and directly convey and talk to the client. Besides, did you know 99% of users check their emails every day while 58% do this first in the morning? Name a better strategy. We’ll wait!

Blog Posts

Yet another marketing tool that is not losing its flavors anytime soon. Around 77% of people read blogs daily. Imagine the magnitude and the number of people you can reach by a simple blog of what, 500-600w? Have it written professionally, and see for yourself the magic that follows.

Social Media Posts and Ads

This is the age of social media, so why not benefit from good social media marketing campaigns? The best part about marketing on social media is that you can directly interact with the audience in the comments. Furthermore, did you know Facebook alone has 1.84 billion daily active users? Not over exaggerating but comprehend the scale and numbers you could reach if the post is well crafted and goes viral?

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The six best product promotion ideas that you can rely on after you put the launch into action. Remember to engage with the audience, because let’s face it, nobody likes a boring host who hampers your promotions and product.

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Best Ideas to Promote Your Outdoor Festival Locally

Best Ideas to Promote Your Outdoor Festival Locally

Festivals are the best times to attract consumers. However, organizing festivals alone won't benefit you. You might have to step out a bit and promote the festival.

Whether with the local artists, musicians, or stand-ups, make sure you have researched delivering peppery entertainment to the attendees.

Fortunately, it is not mandatory to hold offline, meaning if you are tight on bills, dodge the offline ones and go online! If you are struggling with gaining an audience for your latest outdoor festival. To find out more, read on!

Bring in Sponsorships

Discover local companies and bring them for sponsorships. Doing this can significantly help you gain an audience as these local companies spread the word in their audience that they are sponsoring the event, attracting an audience.

Thus, it's a win-win because you get money for marketing their brand and also get their audience! Free advertisement, money, and audience. What more does one want from a collaboration?

Excite the Event on Social Media

Social media marketing is highly vital for a festival's success. Social media can amplify your post by degrees: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

However, if you don't have relevant social media handles, it would be beneficial to create one and start posting regularly. Doing this would attract an audience and create engagement, eventually promoting your festival. Remember to personally reach out to people for support on social media pages would prove rewarding in the long term.

Media Trucks and Billboards

Why not? Go all out there, try and make the most of every bit. Media trucks and billboards are the perfect means to make the word reach the masses. There are professional service providers you can approach. DAT Media, for instance, are best in business for advertisement purposes. Furthermore, their services are affordable and promising!

Contests and Give-Aways

Nothing entices people more than free stuff, contests, and giveaways. The perfect marketing tactics that cost you nothing but some easy giveaways that can be your products (if need be)

Host giveaways on Instagram and Facebook. You can even give your passes as freebies or some random gifts. Furthermore, you can keep the winning conditions that favor your brands. Meaning terms like follow the brand, share a photograph with the brand hashtag, etc.

Alternatively, you can also ask the sponsors to donate some of their merchandise goodies, which would benefit both you and their brand name.

Final Thoughts

Festivals are the best time to attract new customers. Ensure involving more and more people in the process to increase engagement and brand marketing.

Furthermore, the consequences will be surprisingly good for your brand's overall value, as no matter how many people, the word will go out!

Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

Outdoor Movie Night Ideas

Are you looking to spend the perfect movie night alongside your partner or a group of friends? Well, if you answered the question with a nod, you have landed the right article!

Besides, the pandemic has already tarnished a lot, and going to cinemas and enjoying good movie times is one such thing. However, the cinema-like movie experience can be accomplished right at home.

Read until the end and fan out perfect ideas to create the coziest outdoor movie night.

Outdoor Movie Night Essentials

The idea is simple: create an outdoor movie set-up for summer nights (essentially) to enjoy good movie times. Although the set-up is ideal for summer times, this doesn’t mean you cannot arrange something similar on the winter nights. It is just that the arrangements will be slightly more complex. Here are the essentials that you will require.

A Movie Screen

Only if you have a TV in your garden or backyard can you skip on a movie screen. Relax yourselves, no need to go around searching for heavily priced movie screens and projector sets. First of all, check if your house has any plain white walls, if yes you need no screen! Else, pull out a white sheet and staple or tape it to the fence or an archway.

Decent Lighting

Unless you plan on going raw and keeping things dark, a dimly lit surrounding would be the most suitable. Bright enough to give warmth to the environment and dark enough to not distract the screen or create distractions.

The most affordable and sought-after option here is our festival companion, the string lights.

Cozy Seating

Well, you weren’t planning on standing for 2 hours while the movie lasted, did you? Let’s just say it’s a bad idea. You need to prioritize your comfort first so you can have a fun, cozy night. Throw pillows, warm blankets, pouf, settees, etc.


How can you not have a collection of good movies? If you do have movies downloaded, make them accessible. If not, the world has platforms like Disney+Amazon Prime VideoNetflix, or Hulu to provide watchable stuff.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the perfect guide to hosting a memorable movie night for your family, friends, or that special someone.

However, if you want to go all out there and create the most whimsical setting, you can hire professional services like DAT Media. The perfect media partners you require to organize a cozy outdoor movie night!

Nevertheless, why visit the theatres when you can have the same comfort in your very house. Grab some snacks, play the movie, and voila, the perfect date!

Activists get TV News Coverage with Digital Advertising Truck in Fight with Developers

Advertising Truck in Fight with Developers

Grass Roots Opposition Gets Attention At County Hearing

Grassroots activists fighting a proposed Lake County housing development attracted plenty of news coverage by parking a Digital Advertising Truck with jumbo electronic billboards in front of a county commission meeting.

WFTV Channel 9 News Orlando, an ABC affiliate with nearly 50,000 viewers, covered the meeting live. The mobile digital billboard truck displayed information and pictures from StopMcKinninGroves, a local group that says that the project would be a “surburban nightmare” and an environmental disaster.

Digital Advertising Trucks are emerging as an increasingly popular method of generating “earned media” for political campaigns. Mobile digital billboards are also effective in social and environmental movements, petition drives, and other public outreach and communication efforts. Many organizations find mobile electronic billboards useful in fundraising drives.

Mobile billboard trucks make it easy for political candidates to meet and connect with voters. Campaigns and activists use Digital Advertising Trucks at local parks, shopping centers, and other high-traffic areas. They are equipped with a professional public address system and are especially effective at rallies and other large public gatherings.

Promote your business on a digital advertising truck

What is the Best Way for Local Businesses to Advertise?

Choosing the best way to spend your advertising dollars can be difficult for a local business owner. With so many options, it’s vital to pick which marketing solution will get the most return for your investment. Many local businesses find that mobile digital billboard advertising brings in the most customers. Broadcast, Internet, and print media can be costly and ineffective. Studies show that the bright, eye-catching displays on mobile digital billboards are an excellent way to increase sales.

Digital advertising trucks are a versatile, affordable, and effective way to promote your business. Unlike costly print ads or fixed billboards, you can easily change, update, and refresh your ads and announcements on a mobile digital billboard. Our digital ad trucks deliver eye-catching advertising where and when it’s most effective.

Benefits To Count On

With digital mobile billboard advertising, you can send our truck to display your ads at different times and locations throughout your market area. You can message different types of customers by rotating customized ads in strategic places at peak traffic times. Our digital advertising trucks give you the ability to conduct a comprehensive, multi-layered publicity campaign.

You can run an effective and affordable ad campaign with our time-sharing program. Target the demographics you need. Mobile digital billboard advertising displays have a highly effective visual impact on downtown pedestrians and rush-hour commuters alike. Your ad or message on bright, 12-foot LED displays gets attention from drivers stuck in traffic and people walking in the downtown square.

There’s no better way to promote a special event like a county fair, a community bike ride, or a charity run. Big, bold, and bright digital LED screens make your message hard to miss. Keep the public informed and motivated with the proven attention-getting messaging platform our digital advertising trucks can provide. Call us today and put your marketing show on the road to success. Mobile digital advertising trucks deliver!